Dream Farms is a family-owned rose farm in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, the best place to grow roses. Our flowers are harvested and shipped directly from our farm to anywhere in the United States. We produce 8 million rose stems per year, servicing customers nationwide. We serve a niche market with added-value products with our beautiful garden roses, premium roses, and tinted products.

Our company cares about our environment, our workers, and our community. We pride ourselves on being a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm.

Our goal is to make the final consumer experience a wonderful week of emotions with our flowers, week by week, all year round.

Why choose Dream Farms?

Featured Products:

Princess Crown

The Princess Crown Garden Rose variety is a delicate floral delight, enchanting with its soft and graceful light pink hue. Its blooms radiate a gentle and romantic presence, reminiscent of the blush tones of a fairytale princess’s gown. With a subtle and charming fragrance, the Princess Crown rose adds a touch of elegance and femininity to any floral arrangement, making it a perfect choice for creating an enchanting and dreamy ambiance.

Victorian Red

This unique and exclusive Garden Rose variety is a classic and richly colored choice for flower enthusiasts. Its blooms typically showcase deep, velvety red petals that exude a sense of timeless elegance. Its shape with layers of petals creates a lush and full appearance. With its intense and luxurious color, this rose variety can be a focal point in any floral arrangement, evoking a sense of romance and sophistication.


This beautiful Premium Rose is characterized by its warm and inviting charm. It features large, lush blooms with a captivating blend of coral, orange, and pink hues. The petals often exhibit a delightful gradient effect, adding to the visual appeal. This rose variety has the power to transport you to a tropical paradise, making it an excellent choice for arrangements.

Our Happy Customers

Cristina Brown

“I love their roses to make my creations. They are fresh and high-quality roses.”

Leland Watanabe

” I have been a customer with Dream Farms for about 1 year and I am very pleased with their service, and especially the quality of their roses.”

Marie and Evelyn Arduendo

“I have been using this company for 8-9 years now and never had a single issue with my orders.”

Fred Kops

“Dream Farms ” is a great company with an amazing product. Never pushy, always there  to help you solve problems.”

Florida, USA

Hawaii, USA

Littleton, USA

Denver, Usa

Incredible creations with our garden, premium and tinted roses!

Desinged by Christina Brown 

Desinged by Christina Brown 

Designed by Watanabe Floral

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